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During the 1970’s both Ward Howard and Charles Harrell were busy working in the industrial sales market. Ward and Charles were well acquainted with each other as often times their paths crossed as competitors as well as associates. By 1988 however, an opportunity presented itself and they decided to merge their talents and use that experience to their advantage.

From 1973 to 1988 Mr. Howard was working for FN Johnston Co./Drive Systems whose own illustrious history stretched back to the 1920s when Fabian Johnston was already representing Reliance Electric, Philadelphia Mixers and its Gear Division.

There was such a solid relationship between Fabian and the companies he represented that when he passed away in 1942, Reliance Electric appointed an interim caretaker until Fabian’s son, William Johnston, completed his remaining years at Notre Dame and returned to run the company.

That was 1944. During the next forty-four years William and representatives of his company would continue to service the petrochemical, energy, paper, sugar and shipbuilding industries while building upon valued ties with leading manufacturers.

By the end of the 1980s, Mr. Johnston was nearing retirement. Ward Howard founded Mixing & Process Equipment Co. to represent Philadelphia Mixers Corp. (now named Philadelphia Mixing Solutions).

It was at this time that Charles Harrell joined forces with Ward Howard. Today, M&P is the Louisiana and Lower Mississippi representative for the Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Busch Vacuum Pumps, Glanon Filters, Lechler Spray Nozzles, NAO, Russell Finex Self-Cleaning Filters, and QCI Valves & Actuators.